Monday, February 1, 2010

Big day of fail.

Woke up at 5:30am after a fitful sleep. Husband took me to the airport for a big exciting business trip to... wait for it... the other side of the state.

Got myself into the world's slowest security line. I left the corporate laptop at security, a move that could have lost me my job had I been unable to retrieve it. Luckily they still had it when I went waddling back there... naturally I had traveled through half the airport at that point. By the time I made it back to the gate I had round ligament pain (maybe?) and no time to eat my breakfast.

Sat next to a guy on our comically tiny commuter plane who also had wide hips and we spent the flight trying to squirm away from each other. He pretended he wasn't too annoyed that I wanted to read the paper, I pretended I didn't notice he was annoyed.

I went to Spokane because I am interviewing people for a temporary position. One interview canceled while I was in the air, saying she was only interested in permanent positions. (Naturally this didn't occur to her until I had already spoken to her twice and it was the day of her interview). The other interview didn't bother to show up and didn't answer the phone or email. Kind of embarrassed myself with the gal at the security desk by coming out to tell her that in fact no one was coming.

I had one other phone interview scheduled which, mercifully, went fine, so I think I at least have a hire for the position. However, I flew across the state to do a phone interview. Hey, good stewardship of company resources, that's me!

Bored myself at Wal-Mart until I realized I was going to be too late to take an earlier flight.

I drove a PT Cruiser that has a turning radius that's so bad it's noticeable when you're trying to make a simple right turn. (Apparently a well-known downside of this car that even the true believers complain about.) There are no gas stations convenient to the airport. I think that's due to some sort of collusion with the rental companies to pay their $14 fee so you don't have to refill the tank if you drive less than 75 miles.

Took another tiny plane home-- at least I got a row to myself. Couldn't accept the proferred free beer from probably the world's last airline that offers free booze-- at that point I could have used one.

Tom picked me up at the airport. Together we sat for 15 minutes at a bridge waiting for a boat to come through.

If my fish gets burned for dinner I'm asking for a refund of my entire day.